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The ice caps have melted. The air supply is poisoned. Humanity teeters on the brink of extinction.

One woman strives to lead a diverse group of women to reconnect with nature, to find the strength to put aside their differences and stand together to build a new society. 

When the situation arises, how will the human race choose to rebuild itself?

Research & Development Workshop

Weʼre currently raising money to fund an R&D of our new play ‘The Farm’ in order to create a piece of theatre that explores a possible outcome if we continue to ignore the climate crisis.

It's our ethos at Wild Mountain to ensure that everyone is paid a fair wage for the work they commit to our projects.  The pandemic has been catastrophic for the theatre industry and now, more than ever it's imperative that highly skilled practitioners have their hard work properly paid.

The Farm deals with important topics and difficult conversations and this R&D will allow us to develop the script further and find the humour that ensues when people are faced with adversity.

If you would like to donate towards the R&D, please visit our Kickstarter page by clicking the link below.



 - Paying Our Actors and Creatives

It’s hugely important to us that the hard work of the creatives working on the show is reflected in the way that we pay them. Money you donate will play a vital role in supporting this significant part of running a professional theatre company and show.

 - Hiring a Rehearsal Space

One of the biggest costs of running an R&D workshop is hiring a space in which to work. Money you donate will directly impact on the budget for the R&D.

- Script Development

The main aim of the R&D is to develop the script to a place where it's ready to go into rehearsal for a full scale production. Money you donate will help us pay for a dramaturg to join us in the R&D as well as employ actors who are highly skilled in improvisation and script development work.

 - The Future of Wild Mountain Productions

Anything that you donate will not only help with the R&D of The Farm, but will also help us to build and grow as a company, allowing us to continue to create bold new theatre and employ theatre practitioners for years to come.





Our ambition for Wild Mountain is to commission and produce plays that shine a light on current affairs which intelligently and provocatively encourage audiences to question the world in which we live. We are aiming to keep the drive for equality moving forward and explore narratives that include, rather than exclude, without an agenda to lecture, but to inform and entertain; we want to shed light on relationships, power, family, love and politics with even-handedness and truth and with a diverse voice in everything we make.


This will mark Wild Mountain's debut play and, coming out of the pandemic it feels important to be putting our energy into creating new theatre. The Climate Crisis is arguably the most pressing issue facing humanity and NOW is the right time to explore theatre that encourages audiences to engage positively with the topic. We believe the best way to educate is to entertain and creating a piece of theatre that does both is now more important than ever. 

‘The Farm’ aims to pay homage to great dystopian writers such as Orwell, Huxley, Bradbury, and Atwood. Much of their vision for the future of humanity has, to varying degrees, become reality today and this play looks at a possible future outcome for the human race if we were to ignore the current science on the climate crisis.

The world in which we find Helen and her comrades is the beginning of the new order. This play sits at a crossroads that could potentially lead the human race towards one of the futures predicted in the eminent dystopian works of the aforementioned writers.

In the midst of the pandemic we had a 'behind closed doors' read-through of the play in its current state with a group of fantastic actors, the pictures of which you can see here. This proved invaluable, due to the feedback from all involved and has proved to be a vital stage in the progression to grow this piece to full production; a perfect example of how working together as an ensemble can help create the strongest story telling.

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